May 26, 2001

5/26/01 Kansas City, MO

0 miles

I've had a bunch of problems with the web site since I got home. On the road, I came up with a way to update my site using a modification of the e-Newsletter program. Only, when I tried it, I crashed the entire "Show Me America!" site.

I decided to give it a rest and get my other stuff done. I made a list, left home at 9 A.M. and didn't get home till 9 P.M. But I got almost everything done on the list.

Two important things were to visit my Uncle Joe and Aunt Barb. Joe had a stroke after I left, but is at home now. It was good to see them, which I don't often enough, even when I live here.

The other item was a great barbecue at Ann's, an occupational therapist I work with. Almost everyone from the department was there, including spouses and kids. The kids, most under 2 years old, are all growing up so fast. I feel like an uncle to them all. For being the only guy in a department of women, I've listened to all of their discussions from pregnancy, birth, and child rearing. About pregnancy and birth, I probably know stuff guys shouldn't know. But the girls all tell me I'll be fully educated for my future wife, whoever she might be. I even threw one of the baby showers. "We trained you well," they say.

Madison & Ann

Mark, Logan, Jim & Ellen


Stacy, holding Jordon & Logan

Evan & Cynthia

At home, I don't know what I did, but the web site is up and running, complete with the new programming to make it more dynamic. In general, a very satisfying day.