May 25, 2001

5/25/01 Kansas City, MO

0 miles

Thought about going to the movie "Pearl Harbor," but at 3 hours I really have too much to do. Had a great visit with my grandmother, along with my Aunt Juanita, her husband Bob, and my cousin, Denise.

Started looking at some replacement gear like a new water bladder backpack. And the guys over at the Bike Rack fine-tuned the bike for me.

Tonight mom cooked up a wonderful meal of pizza, salad, bread sticks, and tortellini. And of course, lots of ice cream. The whole brood was here - my brothers, Mike, Chris, Tom, and Bill, my sisters-in-law, Barb, Connie, Peg, and Annie, and, of course, all my nieces, Pam, May, Andrea, and Lauren. My brothers and I are pretty close and I always enjoy when we get together.