May 18, 2001

5/18/01 St. Louis, MO

0 miles

Spent the day wandering through the neighborhoods of Webster Groves. Stopped by Alpine for a few items and talked to the guys down in the bike shop. The whole area is a wild mix of shops, businesses, and houses. Stopped by a health food store, a vegetable stand, and a guitar shop. After checking my email at the library, I walked back to Mike's and Libby's under overcast skies. It rained pretty hard this morning, with scattered showers possible.

Mike and I later stopped by a huge art supply store. Turns out Mike and I are very similar in that we are full of ideas, but not always the skills or materials to bring those ideas to life.

While Mike headed off to the St. Louis Blues Stanley Cup playoff game, Libby and I had pizza delivered while we watched the game on TV. I don't know much about hockey, but I could tell each team played fast and furious from the second it started. St. Louis lost 4-3 in overtime after coming back from 0-3. It shouldn't surprise anyone that I left a lot of chores for the last minute, like repairing the inner-tube from Wednesday's flat. And I did get my seat shock ordered, too (but the bike sandals I want are out of stock). Finished up a late night watching TV (movie "American Pie").