May 17, 2001

5/17/01 St. Louis, MO

0 miles

I am so grateful for all the friends I have. Libby and Mike have been wonderful. Today we went to lunch at Fritz's, and window shopped a bit. I went to several bike shops in search of a shock absorber for my seat. Went to another movie, "A Knight's Tale" this time. Then Libby took me out to dinner at Zio's; then on a drive down to the Arch and the waterfront.

Justin, Mike & Libby

This trip is still hard to believe. My mind doesn't even register that I've gone 1600 miles, crossed three states in over a month, just to get here. Maybe that's a safety mechanism to keep me from going crazy, especially if you think about the 6900 miles I still have to go. Tomorrow, while Libby is at work, I'll do a little more research on the Katy Tail and do all those "getting ready to leave town" errands.