April 30, 2001

4/30/01 Interstate Breaks Park

42.3 miles

Last night, before going to bed, the pastor told us to sleep inside because it was going to be a 'cold night out'. But he shocked us when he said to "sleep on the alter". "Why?" we asked. "It has the softest carpet" he smiled.

Mike asleep on the alter

Just another beautiful day in the neighborhood. Weather called for a high of 77 and it was already getting warm when we left. The ride was two major climbs at both ends of the day with some great fast rolling hills in between.

In Council, we ran into a big bunch of students cleaning up the highway. In Birchleaf, one of the grocery store owners asked a lot of questions about our trip and about our equipment. We stopped at a very cheap AYCE pizza buffet lunch near Haysi. While there, we met Gene, who was working with some grant money to create an alternate trail into the Breaks Gorge. He said when completed, it will be about nine miles long, but would avoid all the heavy traffic through Haysi.

After that it was one long climb up to Breaks Interstate Park. Mike and I were the only people in the campsite. After dinner and a few phone calls, we were hanging out when up rides Bubba, a retired policeman from St. Louis on a recumbent with a Bob trailer. He was a big guy, but what caught our attention was his road rash. "I had a bad wreck near Catawba," he said. A nice guy, even recommending a bike shop in St. Louis for some bike sandals.

We plan an early start for our long day into Kentucky, some 70 miles.