August 9, 1998

8/9/98 Monson, ME

3.0 miles (2049.9 total)

Another scorcher today. Up late last night drinking beer and discussing the difference between east coast and midwest work ethics. Had breakfast with Skippy, who’s really Irish. And Gilligan stopped by to wish us luck.

"The Pie Lady" boarding house

Had a real conscience nightmare today. Didn’t leave till 3pm this afternoon but the Pie Lady took me to the AT access on ME15 but that’s cutting 3 miles off my walk. I hiked about a mile but those 3 I missed kept nagging me. Finally, I couldn’t stand it. I walked back to the road and hitched back to town. The Pie Lady took me to where I got off yesterday. I hiked the 3 miles and hitched back to Monson. The Pie Lady wants to change my trail name to "Goofy".

Talked to the Purests (Ghandi, Billy Goat, Obi-Wan). They want me to finish with them on the 17th but I still think I’ll try and catch the Tort and Hare by the 16th. Just about a week left in the trail, excited, scared, tired, and I want the big K bad.