August 8, 1998

8/8/98 Monson, ME

21.4 miles (2046.9 total)

Matt and I got up early! Packed and on the move by 6:15am. The climb up Maxie Bald Mountain was easy compared to the profile and the guidebook. If we had known this, we would have pressed on yesterday. Made it to the next shelter by 8am.

All morning, despite the increasing temperature and annoying mosquitoes, we couldn’t believe our speed. We just kept pushing fast and hard. Next shelter by 11:35am, but exhausted. Instead of trying for town by 2:30, we took a long lunch break. The crossing of the Piscataquis River was disappointing, barely ankle deep.

Hot and tired, we finally made the road to town. Ended up walking a couple of miles before someone picked us up. Headed straight for the Pie Lady’s. Tort and Hare and Groovin’Moose had already arrived. Word on the trail is that Ghandi, Billy Goat and Obi-Wan quit the trail 6 days ago to go canoeing. They’re supposed to hit Monson tomorrow to finish the hike to Katahdin. I don’t understand why they continue.

Havin' a beer with Matt at the Pie Lady's