August 7, 1998

8/7/98 Bald Mountain Brook

19.2 miles (2025.5 total)

Matt and I tried to kill ourselves today - breakfast at Harrison’s, crossing the Kennebec, attempting 2 mountains and 22 miles. Didn’t quite make it. This morning we had breakfast at Harrison’s Pierce Pond Cabins. Blueberry pancakes, eggs, sausage, milk and juice for $6. I’m sorry to say I couldn’t finish it all. Very good food but the Harrison’s were a little stand-offish.

Skippy gets a ferry ride across the Kennebec River

Ended up getting to the Kennebec in just over an hour. Steve, the ferryman, was a good-natured talker. Then headed for Caratunk. After a coke and a root beer, headed out to the trail. Steady, long up-hill to Pleasant Pond lean-to. From there it was a steep but short climb up to Pleasant Pond Mountain. The ridge walk down seemed to go all over so the trail crossed every exposed rock outcropping. After awhile, you got very hot exposed like that.

Always have to stop in the local stores to get ice cream

Made it to Bald Mountain Brook lean-to with 2 guys out section hiking and a family tenting, out for a week. Gilligan showed up, so Matt and I decided to hike on. Just before we left, Skippy showed up very tired. Skippy retires next year from a company that assembles huge electric diesel shovels, the kind that could scoop up a whole house. He started April 15 and is wearing down.

Just another hot, sunny day. Lately I’ve seen lots of frogs on the trail. But yesterday, almost all the frogs were tiny, about ½ inch long. Strange! We just walked about ¾ of a mile away from the shelter to look for a campsite. Kind of lumpy and uneven but it will do. The last couple of nights I’ve had cold/flu symptoms but not during the day. I just don’t want to get sick this close to the end.