August 6, 1998

8/6/98 Pierce Pond Lean-to

17.3 miles (2006.3 total)

Another wonderful day! The only climbs were small "hills" compared with what we’ve been going over. Most of the hiking was fast because the terrain was relatively flat. Matt and I took a lunch break at East Carry pond, near still another group of Canadian campers, this time young girls.

The lake behind me is called East Carry Pond

Kind of giddy again today. Fell on my face and started laughing at myself. Just love to open up the speed on this easy terrain. Happy to break 2000 miles today.

Did the 17 miles to Pierce Pond Lean-to by 3pm. A bunch of scouts were camped nearby. Gilligan moved on, thank God! Beautiful sunset with the shelter right on the water’s edge. Got a big day planned for tomorrow.