August 5, 1998

8/5/98 Little Bigelow Lean-to

15.4 miles (1989.0 total)

The only was to describe my morning attitude was "giddy" with excitement. The weather was perfect, again! Even the long climb up South Horn couldn’t dampen my spirits.

Almost convinced Hare to take a dip in Horns Pond

Up Bigelow Mountain, met a lot of day-hikers. Crossed Bigelow and discovered Matt taking a lunch break at Avery Peak. What great views of the lake from here. The trail was pretty, nearly all the way to Little Bigelow Mountain. Must have been another relocation. Probably added a few more miles, kept running into "Gilligan" whom I then tried to avoid all day.

Horns Pond as seen farther "up" the trail

Met another camp group at Little Bigelow Mountain (east end). Megan and Craig, the leaders, were pretty cool. Megan is good friends with Hellfire, whom she said is off the trail. They were in charge of a wide assortment of kids - a German, a French boy, two from Russia and two beautiful girls from Turkey and several kids from Maine. All with lots of questions about my thru-hike.

A very nice trail

At the shelter, I discover a loud French-speaking group from Canada already there. The other group decided to move on. Other hikers in the shelter were Tennessee Tom and Jukebox, both flip-flopping from Virginia. Skippy, an Australian thru-hiker, came later. One thing of note, the privy had curtains and was a two holer.