August 4, 1998

8/4/98 Stratton, ME

7.1 miles (1973.6 total)

Another clear sunny day! The girls and Groovin’Moose left while I was still packing. Probably will see Matt again. The climb up the Crocker went smoothly, not too much steep climbs. Caught up to and passed Tort & Hare. Lots of weekenders, several large groups. Passed a few girls headed to Hanover from Katahdin. By the time I reached the road, Groovin’ was still hitchhiking after 30 minutes. We teamed up and about 15-20 minutes later a couple picked us up. He had a sick sense of humor and she kept apologizing.

Stopped off at the post office and then headed for the White Wolf Inn. Just my luck, closed on Tuesday. Matt showed up, so the three of us ate lunch at the diner.

I went across the street to the Stratton Motel & Hostel. Who should be in the office but the woman from the post office, on her lunch hour. Her family owns the motel. Met a couple of young guys, section-hiking - one south, one north. The guy headed north is staying in the motel. The southbounder is the only other one in the hostel besides me. Charlie is taking him to the doctor because of continued giardia symptoms. Later that night after dinner at "Mainely Yours", we watched a video. Ended staying up past midnight talking about the attitudes of thru-hikers.