August 3, 1998

8/3/98 Crocker Cirque campsite

14.3 miles (1966.5 total)

Today is my 5th month anniversary on the trail. I’ve done so much, met so many people and only 2 weeks to go.

My thoughts have strayed a lot to "after" Katahdin. Being in the "real" world is going to be rough. I hope I can keep in touch with those like Tortoise & Hare to keep this trip alive in memory.

Today was a lot like yesterday but the ups were less severe. Passed by some great looking streams. My water filter didn’t work this morning unless I primed it. Took lots of breaks with Tort & Hare.

At the Spaulding Mountain lean-to, the register was full of southbounder hate for northbounders. As we are completing our incredible journey, beating the odds, we might seem arrogant and overconfident. We’re not, just psyched to be near the end. Personally, the few who wrote the worst comments probably don’t have the "adaptability" to make it the whole way south.

Near the top of Spaulding Mountain, met Mooseless, a vegan. Even his boots were synthetic. I wished him luck in staying vegan on the trail. The climb down Sugarloaf was another shear drop boulder hop. I just hate going downhill. but by this time of the day, all four of us are hiking together. Had to rock-hop across the Carrabassett River because the bridge is washed away. Headed up Crocker Mountain about a mile to the campsite.

The bridge had been washed out

Matt from the shelter last night showed up at this camp too. He’s really a funny guy. We made a lot of fun of his pack, what with his 13 pound tent and all. I’m rooting for him to make it to Katahdin. Tomorrow I say goodbye to the girls as I have a mail drop in Stratton. Maybe if Ghandi and Billy Goat catch up, we can motor ahead to join Tortoise and Hare. Plus I’m a little worried about my mail drop in Monson.