August 2, 1998

8/2/98 Poplar Ridge Lean-to

10.7 miles (1952.2 total)

What a beautiful Sunday! After packing up and leaving mom a message on her answering machine, Wayfarer came by to take us to breakfast with his wife, Zelda. At first, I thought she wasn’t going to like us. But by the time they dropped us off at the trailhead, she was treating us like family. Also at the trailhead, ran into Honey and Bear who run the "Cabin" in Andover. We’d heard a lot of good things about it this last week but never thought of staying there. Bear turns out to be the guy EWOS and I met on the road to Salisbury, back in CT. He remembered my name and wants me to drop by after Katahdin.

Hitchin' a ride in the back of a truck

I love the sun because it makes shadows. We stopped at every peak today to take long breaks, feeling the wind and the sun. Last night I spent way too much energy worrying about work. Looking at the mountains all around me, I don’t even think of work. Our peaks for the day were Saddleback, Horn, and Saddleback Junior.

Appalachian Trail

A reunion of sorts - met Groovin’Moose on Saddleback. He’d taken several days off due to an ankle injury. Plus we saw a lot of Hoofer and Wanderer. Also, at the shelter is Matt, a chef, and Phil, a weekender.

Hoofer said he could stay up here all day