August 1, 1998

8/1/98 Rangeley, ME

13.8 miles (1941.5 total)

Hard to wake up this morning because it was chilly last night. But the girls had us on the trail before 8am. No mountains today, just hills. Mostly a sunny day with an occasional cloud. We took breaks often and talked a lot while hiking. Almost got a glimpse of a moose and her calf but they moved too deep into the forest for us to get a good look. Ran into Hoofer and Wanderer today while they were slackpacking. Both seemed like nice guys.

When we finally made it to the trailhead near Rangely, who should we spot but Bruce from Hiker’s Paradise and Ultralite. Bruce gave us a ride into town after handing each of us a cold coke. Did our grocery shopping and headed to the Red Onion for pizza. I went to the Alpine Garden outfitter but we had no luck with the water filter.

Unfortunately for us, the Horsefeather Bed & Breakfast, which had great reviews, was booked for the weekend. So we ended up at the Farmhouse Inn. Wayfarer, who attempted a southbound hike this year but had to get off because of knee trouble, saw us getting ice cream and offered to give us a ride. The inn is a nice place but the owners seem a little scarce. Hope I can find a phone to call home.