August 15, 1998

8/15/98 Daicey Pond Campground

11.1 miles (2153.1 total)

What can I say. I’m sitting here tonight, amongst my friends, on the eve of finishing our thru-hike - while the torrential rains continue this evening. Yes, started raining this afternoon and has only gotten worse. A fitting end to this "el niño"-extreme thru-hike.

Skippy, Leif, KFT & Bulldog
take a break at the Abol Bridge

This morning, was up early and had only thoughts of coke and ice cream at the Abol campground store. Overcast but it felt nice. Spent most of the morning eating at various times, all the while checking for a view of Katahdin from the Abol Bridge. By noon, I gave up. While it was bright, the mountain was completely overcast.

The seven miles to Daicey Pond campground followed streams the whole way. Had several fords and good waterfalls along the route. The shelters are packed here tonight. There are 10 thru-hikers, plus at least 6 other people tenting. A new arrival is Bubbles, who yellow blazed here because she needs to finish now because of a Peace Corps deadline. Hare’s mom brought fresh fixin’s for fajetas plus cheesecake for desert.

KFT checking out Big Niagara Falls

Poor KFT, he’s found his tent in several inches of water. It’s so sad it’s almost funny. Our secret dread is that the weather will keep us from summiting tomorrow. I can’t think of anything worse, I just want to finish. Probably looking at a poor night of sleep. Going to get up early for the dash for the summit.