August 13, 1998

8/13/98 Wadleigh Stream Lean-to

29.1 miles (2122.5 total)

Awesome day! Beautiful weather, good breezes, some nice sections of trail, only occasional mosquitoes. Went so fast, I just kept adding the miles. But it could have started bad.

Last night I froze. Had to get up in the middle of the night and put more clothes on. Still could see my breath. Got up early (which surprised me) anyway. Had to ford the East Branch of the Pleasant River. Just didn’t want to wade through. Ended up just getting one shoe wet. Had a few small mountains, then it was smooth sailing with a downhill grade.

Stopped at Antlers Campsite for lunch. They had my vote for best privy on the trail. Called "Fort Relief", a log-cabin privy complete with wash basin and curtains. Real homey.

A lot of the day followed many streams and rivers. The trail was pine needle with roots for the morning. Some rock hopping, occasional swampy areas. The most bog I’ve crossed in one day.

My first view of Mount Katahdin

Ran into Leif and KFT at the Nahmakanta Stream campground. That was 24 miles for me but after seeing them, I decided to do 6 more to the shelter. Lots of PUD’s (pointless ups and downs). Now I’m part of the entourage for summiting Katahdin on the 16th. Even Skippy is here. I’m sore from doing 30 miles (in less than 12 hours) but glad I’m here. 20 miles tomorrow, then we summit.