August 11, 1998

8/11/98 Chairback Gap Lean-to

6.8 miles (2072.8 total)

Rain, fucking rain! Just a light rain last night but as the day went, it increased, and increased. Falling was normal. All the climbs both up and down were vertical. Made my way to the first shelter by noon. As I took a lunch break, the rain started to pour (have I used the word ‘torrential’ too much?).

I hated to do it but I decided to stop early. That means that my schedule for the 16th is near to impossible. I can sympathize with Billy Goat. I’m tired of hiking. I just want it to end. If I wasn’t in the middle of no-where, I might have quit today. Tomorrow looks like more rain and some cold. Slept a lot today - maybe my body needs the rest.