August 10, 1998

8/10/98 Cloud Pond Lean-to

16.1 miles (2066.0 total)

Mrs. Pratt (The Pie Lady) dropped me off on the trail by 6:30am. Wanted to get an early start to beat the heat. Didn’t but I tried. My plan was to do 19+ so I’d be in a better position for White Cap. But that meant first slogging away the miles.

Finally had to ford a stream in my sandals. A few streams looked real inviting if only I’d been doing a slow day. One section after Hudson Valley lean-to has so many blowdowns, I thought it was the wrong trail. Lots of waterfalls.

The climb up Barren Mountain was pain incarnate. It was a steep climb after doing all those other miles in the heat. Then near the top you could hear thunder. That motivated me. Arrived at Cloud Pond lean-to via a real shitty approach trail. With the shelter full of a family and a few other hikers, it was put up the tent fast in case the showers started.

Looks like I’ll have Ultralite as a shadow until I catch Tort and Hare. Planning on doing 17 tomorrow.