July 7, 1998

7/7/98 Manchester Center, VT

0 miles (1628.1 total)

Other late arrivals last night were the Emersons’-ASSman and Shaggy. I’ve been reading their journal entries the whole way from Springer. Very funny guys.

Today was basically a day off. Just tried to relax. Bought new socks, had lunch, went to the bookstore. Late that afternoon I spot Bluegrass coming from the post office. Seems he didn’t get another of his mail drops - he’s missed several.

Unfortunately for us Tuesday is Church Bridge night till 11pm. So the hikers have to make themselves scarce. We decided to catch a late show at the movies. I didn’t really want to see X-Files, so I saw Armageddon again. Not as good the second time around. Didn’t get back to the hostel until close to midnight.