July 6, 1998

7/6/98 Manchester Center, VT

10.5 miles (1628.1 total)

Groovin’Moose got up "real" early. He asked if I was up for a 10 by 10 day. At first I thought he was crazy, but if we left by 6am, it wouldn’t be that hard. Made great time getting to the first shelter but didn’t stop. We took our first break at Prospect Rock with a view looking down over the city. Even though we took a leisurely break, I still thought we had a chance of doing 10 miles by 10am. After that, Groovin’Moose took the lead and he slowly pulled ahead. I pushed and pushed. Zoomed right past the second shelter and went into the home stretch. Believe it or not, we made the road into Manchester Center by 10:05am.

Groovin' Moose awake with the early morning mists

Groovin' said he was a luckier hitch-hiker, so I let him show me his stuff. Couldn’t believe it, got a ride in less than a minute. Got to love those pickup trucks. Manchester Center was not what I expected. I’ve never seen so many factory-outlet stores, everything from Mukasa to Jockey. Dropped our stuff at the hostel while in search of the Ben and Jerry’s store.

The Zion Episcopal Church lets hikers sleep on the floor of their activity room. Plus we have full run of the kitchen and showers. Someone had left a box of hotdogs, so we chowed down. Some other section hikers here but no northbounders. Most of the day was spent on errands like the post office, laundry and groceries. I did take Researcher to Candlero’s for his 30th B-Day. Later a bunch of us went to the movies and saw "Armageddon". Not really a bad movie. When we got back, we found Finn (the skittish girl) there. Turns out she is a Long Trail hiker.