July 3, 1998

7/3/98 Seth Warner Shelter

13.4 miles (1576.5 total)

The climb down Greylock was brutal. My knees "screamed" the whole way. It was a relief when we finally reached the bottom. We headed into town and were meeting Sandi off State Road at the community center. Unfortunately for us, we found the car, but no Sandi. We waited 15 min. in the sun, and Sandi showed up after taking a walk. We stopped by the grocery store first, then the AYCE lunch at Pizza Hut. It was good to see Sandi again, also known as Bugbait. She was going to day-hike with EWOS last day to the Vermont border.

Totally stuffed, we headed back to the trail. Not a bad climb but the mosquitoes were annoying. One of my pet-peeves about the trail is the signage at the state lines. There were signs for the Long Trail, "Welcome to Mass" and the forest service but no VT-Mass sign. We made do with a large rock as EWOS’s final peak. Hopefully, he can finish his thru-hike in a couple of years after grad school. It was a sad goodbye. I’ve enjoyed EWOS’s company on the trail.

Ed 'EWOS' Polushock

Headed off into Vermont. Found the Seth Warner Shelter empty but 2 other couples were tenting. The older couple were section hikers while the younger couple were on the first day of hiking the Long Trail. Later, Groovin’Moose showed up with his best friend and his girlfriend who met him in town.