July 31, 1998

7/31/98 Bemis Stream campsite

16.6 miles (1927.7 total)

What a night! Sounded like torrential rains on the shelter’s tin roof. But this morning we awoke to mostly blue skies.

The climb down from the shelter was made even more difficult because of last night’s rain. Down at Sawyer Brook, I discovered my water filter won’t work. Tortoise and Hare let me use theirs for now. The climb up Moody Mountain was long and steep. I figure if this keeps up, I won’t have enough energy to keep up with the girls. We hiked most of the morning with Yamazella in front.

The girls climbin' on down

We had a quick lunch break on top of Old Blue Mountain. A little breezy, kind of cold if you’d been sweating up there. Not really a bad day weatherwise. The rest of the Bemis Range was quick. Made it to the lean-to by 5pm with less than 4 miles to go. But we hated to leave an empty new shelter.

The last few climbs were mazes, that had a lot of twists and turns, but not much up and down. The only thing hard about our climb down was the dirt trail was slippery. Fell a couple of times but caught myself. We camped near Bemis Stream. The girls found a "Katahdin Pale Ale" that some trail angel left by the trail. We sat around cooking dinner and discussing our options for town tomorrow. My first priority is to call home, something I forgot in Andover. I’ve enjoyed Tortoise and Hare’s company, so will travel with them, maybe to Katahdin.