July 2, 1998

7/2/98 Mount Greylock

16.9 miles (1563.1 total)

The rain cleared off during the night so we had great weather, cool and sunny, as we left town. The hiking was better with only a little mud here and there. We made good time heading for Cheshire. The "Cobbles" overlooking the town gave great views.

EWOS, Groovin'Moose and I sit atop The Cobbles

We dropped our gear at St. Mary of the Assumption Catholic Church while looking for lunch. Seems we eat, and eat, and eat. The deli was closed so we got a few sandwiches at Donna Bella, a fancy place on the outside but just a deli on the inside. We left Groovin’Moose here in town while he had a few phone calls to make.

The War Memorial atop Mt Greylock,
the highest point in Massachusetts

The climb up out of the valley was long but not too steep. The heat didn’t help much but the shade of the trees was a relief. Took a break on the Mark Noepel Lean-to before tackling the final climb up to Mount Greylock (3500’).

It’s amazing how much mud and swamp I find at the top of these mountains. Saw a beautiful pond near the summit. We knew we were near the top when the day hikers multiplied. The Bascom Lodge was a welcome sight. EWOS and I decided to pay the $22 for a bunk and a shower. It really was a nice place to stop. Mt. Greylock has a War Memorial with a globe light on top. Spent most of the evening writing postcards.

Another wonderful sunset on Mt Greylock