July 28, 1998

7/28/98 Full Goose Shelter

9.6 miles (1885.2 total)

Four southbounders showed up late. Turns out they’re just out of high school and Christian too. So when it sounded like the girls might stop singing, the guys encouraged more. That brought comments from Michigan Plowboy who was trying to sleep. The boys took offense and rude, unchristian comments sounded out in the shelter. Finally everyone quieted down.

Gentian Pond

Ol’ Michigan Plowboy looked like he hadn’t slept all night. Said my good-byes to all the girls and hit the trail by 7am with overcast skies.

The trail was a lot of ups and downs but it went quickly. When you looked up, the next peak looked so high but next thing you know, you’re on top. Made it to the next shelter by 10am. Just hated the 0.3 mile walk down for water. The afternoon was extremely windy, probably in the 50 mph range again. And the trail was pretty exposed on the ridge. The highlight of the day was crossing the NH/ME border - just 280.4 miles to go.

Ended up at Full Goose Shelter around 1pm. Probably should have gone on but I thought I needed to be fresh for the "notch". Lots of people here tonight, both in the shelter and on the tent platforms. There are 2 section hikers, 3 guys out for a couple of days, a couple hiking for several weeks, 2 separate summer camp groups and 2 southbounders.

When Ghandi showed up going south, it didn’t surprise me at all. Said he did the notch in 45 minutes. It was 6pm but he hoped to do 10-12 more miles tonight. Hopefully I’ll see him again. About 8pm, Tortoise and Hare arrived, tired but happy. We talked outside while they ate dinner because several people were already sleeping. I’m glad I get to hike with them for a while.