July 26, 1998

7/26/98 Gorham, NH

0 miles (1863.7 total)

Said goodbye to Billy Goat this morning. Who knows when I’ll see him again. Seems I change hiking partners every week. Cloudy-windy day while I do my errands. Hung out at the "Barn" for awhile today. Nice place but too many rumors fly between here and Hiker’s Paradise . The owners of both are probably friends but the hikers have made it out to be a feud. Was really hoping a few northbounders would catch up but I didn’t know anyone there.

Talked with Amy again. Seems she was making this big trip because they were worried about me. Guess my last postcard did it. She was going to spend 2 days and a lot of money just to see me for less than 24 hours. I told her that was silly. Assured her I was doing fine.

Late yesterday, Tortoise and Hare, and Lief show up. Maybe I’ll have them as hiking partners. They plan on finishing the 16th, Hare’s birthday.