July 20, 1998

7/20/98 Galehead Hut

10.2 miles (1802.7 total)

Woke up this morning to rain. The guys decided that we’d wait and see if it would pass. By 9am, the rain had stopped at least for a while. We packed up and headed for the treeline.

Above treeline, the trail was a rock-lined path and a lot of rock steps. Even though it wasn’t raining, the wind was gusting. Cold enough, we all put on jackets. Little Haystack (4760’), Lincoln (5089’), and Lafayette (5249’) were all covered in mist. The trail really seemed to kick out butt. Seemed to take us forever to cover just a mile.

After waking up in the rain, we can see down to
Liberty Mountain as it pokes through the clouds

Stopped by the Garfield Ridge Campsite to check the register and use the privy. Talked to the caretaker for a few minutes. But no sooner had we left the campsite and it began to rain, rain real hard. The terrain was steep and rocky, hard enough during good weather, treacherous when wet. Fell once but the pack broke my fall. Passed a bunch of people on the way to Galehead Hut.

Tons of people already at the hut but we were able to get work-for-stay. I felt guilty because so many people were turned away because the hut was full, and we get to sleep on the floor. Funny thing though, about 5pm, the clouds completely disappeared and the sun came out. We passed the time outside waiting for the "paying" guests to finish dinner so we could eat with the crew. A few people asked questions about my hike. I really don’t mind repeating the story ( over and over) to people that genuinely are interested.

Dinner was a vegetable calzone and pasta with red sauce. I ate till I couldn’t hold any more. Maria has been the friendliest of the crew, but Shawn, Lairs and Amy were busy with other stuff. Tomorrow, its breakfast and then we work for 2 hours to pay for our stay. Maybe Zealand Hut tomorrow if the weather is bad or Crawford Notch if good. Sleeping tonight under the dinning room tables.