July 19, 1998

7/19/98 Liberty Spring

11.7 miles (1792.5 total)

Most of the weekenders that tented nearby had left by the time we got up. Didn’t leave the shelter till almost 9am. We’d gone less than a quarter of a mile when Ghandi stopped to take a dip in an inviting pool. Billy Goat and I tackled Kinsman by ourselves. We had to use our hands so much to climb - the poles really got in the way.

That's me on top of Kinsman Mountain

Ghandi caught up to us while we took a break on the north peak of Kinsman. They went way too fast for me on the screamer of a downhill, so I met them at the Lonesome Lake Hut. We bought breakfast leftovers but the hut crew was not very friendly. A trail maintainer told us about an unofficial campsite to try for tonight. Ghandi took off trying to make it into North Woodstock for groceries, while Billy Goat and I took a leisurely hike down to Franconia Notch.

Billy Goat takes a much needed rest

The day continued to be a nice sunny one with occasional breeze. In fact, this is one of the longest stretches of good weather I’ve had in a long time. We thought the climb up to Liberty tentsite was a lot easier than we thought, at least the first half. Passed a lot of weekenders. Reached the tentsite just in time for dinner. The caretaker tried to talk us into staying instead of camping off trail. We said thanks but no thanks.

Standing on top of Liberty Mountain

Our campsite was another 0.3 of a mile up the trail. After setting up the tents, we headed up to Liberty Peak to watch the sunset. You could really see the mountains. While up there, Ghandi showed up. He’d gotten a great hitch from two women coming home from a powwow. The sunset was beautiful. Spent the rest of the night trying to catch up writing in the journal.

Spectacular sunset from Liberty Mountain