July 1, 1998

7/1/98 Dalton, MA

20.5 miles (1546.2 total)

Bluegrass showed up very tired. He said he just couldn’t pass up having a roof over his head with all the rain. Had a AYCE pancake breakfast. Can’t beat the price here, bunk and pancakes, for $3. Looked like more rain this morning. So EWOS and I started Round 2 of the "swamp crossing championships." The rain was really just intermittent. Kept bumping into Groovin’ Moose all day. Stopped by the "Cookie Lady" house but she wasn’t home.

We won the "Doubles Swamp Crossing Championships"
but it was mostly a miserable day of rain and mud

The afternoon got warm and sunny. We decided to go a little farther today, so we’d be in Dalton tonight. Good thing because the Kary Wood Lean-to was packed with kids. Groovin’ Moose caught us there, so the three of us headed into town.

Tom Levardi’s house is right on the trail. We dropped our gear and went in search of food. Later at Tom’s, he brought out the fanciest ice cream I’ve ever seen. Shade and Owl had gotten in earlier, so they’d eaten dinner with Tom. Because of the continued rain, we all ended up sleeping on the porch. EWOS ended up setting up his tent in the middle of the night because of the mosquitoes.

Tom let us sleep on his porch