July 18, 1998

7/18/98 Eliza Brook Shelter

16.9 miles (1780.8 total)

After a quick breakfast we were on the road back to the trail by 7:30am. Back at the post office, I tried to call home one more time. The morning plan was to climb Mount Moosilauke (4802’). I’d been dreading it all week. But as I climbed, I felt pretty good. As I got near the summit, I could see it was covered with dark clouds with lots of wind and moisture in the air. But when I got to the top, the skies cleared and I had great views.

Sometimes you would cross sections of forest destroyed
by the severe winter storms of this past year

Headed down to Beaver Brook Shelter for a break and saw Charley again. The climb down to Kinsman Notch followed Beaver Brook almost straight down for several miles. The trail was so difficult, several places had steps bolted to the rock and used a couple of rebar handrails. But the entire way down followed cascading waterfalls. Because it was Saturday, I must have passed 20 or 30 day hikers headed up that trail. My knees were relieved when I reached the bottom.

The trail followed this waterfall straight down
almost 2 miles as we entered the White Mountains

Did some more climbing and crossed paths with Michigan Plowboy who mentioned Ghandi was just ahead. Found him taking a break on a big rock. He’d wanted to get a good view on Moosilauke so he’d camped only part way up last night. We walked together the rest of the way to Eliza Brook Shelter. Met a few more southbounders there. Wanderlust and Bugbite, who remembered me from the AT98. Who should walk into camp after dinner but Billy Goat. Always good to see him. We all compared trail stories till long after dark.

Hike UP!