July 15, 1998

7/15/98 Trapper John Shelter

16.6 miles (1737.2 total)

Left Hanover this morning under an overcast sky. Had a bit of breakfast at Lou’s Restaurant and bought a deli sandwich at the coop before I left. The sun burned off the fog and mist and proceeded to make it a very warm day. Before I left town, the weather reports said to expect temperatures in the 90’s. The terrain wasn’t that bad, but with a full pack, it was work! Seems I always have trouble the first day after a day off in town.

The forests seemed older, and bigger

Stopped off at Moose Mountain Shelter for an hour lunch break. It was definitely getting hot. Lots of winter storm damage near the shelter, had to climb over several trees just to get to the privy. Still very hot when I left but I just don’t like getting to the shelter late. Plus with the terrain getting a little more difficult, I’m not always sure how slow my pace will be.

Surprised to see Ghandi taking a break near Holt’s Ledge because he left yesterday. He’s pushing on further tonight so he can make Atwell Hill Road and trail angel Dizzy B tomorrow.

Ghandi near Holt's Ledge

At the Trapper John Shelter, met two couples from Holland. They are out for three weeks, hiking the White Mountains. Billy Goat showed up but just to take a break. He’s headed to Lyme, NH, about ½ mile further, to wait for new tent poles.