July 14, 1998

7/14/98 Hanover, NH

0 miles (1720.6 total)

Didn’t get much sleep last night. It was hot and muggy. The frat next door partied "loud" till 3am. And I thought I’d lost my bag with the journal, guidebook, maps, addresses, etc., at the theater. Got up at 7:30 to look for breakfast. At least I had my wallet. After getting a few donuts at Toni’s Restaurant/Bakery, headed back to Tabard. Bluegrass was already packed and ready to go and Ghandi had asked me to wake him so he could get an early start. While packing, he found my journal bag. I was so relieved, I bought him breakfast at "Everything-But-Anchovies". Again, stuffed to the gills with food.

So as those guys left, many more came in. Ran into Not Yet, Bulldog, Leif, Kentucky Fried, Tortoise and Hare, Miles and a few more I can’t remember. Decided to move across campus to Foley House so I could get some sleep tonight. Hopefully, will meet up with Bulldog later for beers. But I want an early night, to make up for last night and because it’s supposed to be hot tomorrow, in the 90’s, at least for the next couple of days.

I’m both excited and terrified of the mountains coming up. I expect them to be breathtaking but I wish I was with a bunch of people I know.