July 13, 1998

7/13/98 Hanover, NH

5.9 miles (1720.6 total)

Once I got in the tent last night, I felt more comfortable, more at ease than I’ve felt in a long time. Hadn’t used the tent in a long time. Felt good sleeping on the soft ground, and not having to worry about my snoring.

Woke up refreshed and ready for town. Bluegrass and I only have a 5 mile walk into town, half of which is a road walk. A little buggy but the morning was cool and the sun was out. Most of the trail was wide, dry and along rolling hills. A pleasant walk indeed.

Had to go through Norwich, VT. Very posh. The homes looked like barn-house combinations from the old farm days but now rehabed for the rich. Still, very nice. Walked across the Connecticut River Bridge and into Hanover, NH. We couldn’t get over how many women are here. We’ve been in the woods too long! Poor Bluegrass, every time he’d say hello to some girl walking by, they’d totally ignore him. After a while, he’d get more outrageous trying to get a response - any response.

Stuffed ourselves in Thayer Hall at the AYCE lunch buffet. Later, we met Yahoola’97 who is a student here at Dartmoth. She told us Billy Goat has stayed a few days with a bad case of poison ivy. Seemed we all gravitated to the outfitter, where the Emersons were and finally, Ghandi showed up also. Yahoola’97 decided to treat us all to AYCE dinner at Thayer Hall (again!). I’ve never eaten so much food. We ended the evening sitting outside, telling outrageous stories (probably for Yahoola’s benefit - the nice girl she is!).

Ghandi and I took in a late movie, "The Truman Show". Felt the directors had a good movie but could have had a stronger ending. Ended up spending the night at Tabard, a coed fraternity. Met two Quebec section-hikers, Martin and Melanie. Also talked awhile with a bunch of southbounders. Had 10 of us sprawled out on the floor.