July 11, 1998

7/11/98 Wintturi Shelter

16.9 miles (1694.1 total)

The funny thing about the weather - I hate it! This morning, we woke to full sunshine on our faces at 6am. By 7am, it was raining cats and dogs. It soon stopped but guaranteed the trail would be muddy. We continued to slog through the mud well past Kent Pond. But the long steep climb out of Ottanquechee River basin was fairly dry. You could tell the trail was new but it sure did seem that the relocation added several miles.

Met Rim Runner and Kestral, the first southbounders I’ve gotten to talk to at Stony Brook Shelter. It had a beautiful stream nearby, complete with bathtub rocks and shower-high falls. By late afternoon, the sun started to fight it out with the clouds. At this point, I wasn’t hopeful. We made it to the cabin at Lookout Farms. It had an observation deck, so you could see all the mountain ranges, including Killington and the White Mountains. Although it was very cool and windy, the sun did shine even though the clouds stretched as far as you could see.

Got to the Winturi Shelter to find Michigan Plowboy, whom Bluegrass had met in Pennsylvania, and his friend, Charlie. So far its partly cloudy/sunny after dinner. Hoping tomorrow is the great day they promised us today.