July 10, 1998

7/10/98 Tucker-Johnson Shelter

17.5 miles (1677.2 total)

Woke up this morning to more rain. Hard to get motivated when you know you’ll be slogging through the mud all day. Bluegrass slept late so I said my good-byes by 8am. Most of the morning, it was overcast and cool. Lots of mud. Occasionally the sun would come out but only briefly.

Sometimes sunny then it would rain

The Governor Clement Shelter was a good place for a break. The sun came out briefly. The shelter could have been nice, but it was right on a dirt road. Not recommended as an overnight stop in the guidebooks.

We had a big climb up Killington Peak, but it was spread out over many miles. Not really a tough climb at all. Passed Finn, wearing Groovin’Moose’s red shorts. A few people were already taking a break at Cooper Lodge, so I dropped my pack and climbed the trail up to the peak. Kind of strange, all the valley - almost 360 degrees was in sunlight, except the mountain I’m standing on. But the sun broke out for awhile and I got a few good views. Once back to the lodge, Bluegrass had already passed by to Pico Camp. Saw a lot of day hikers today.

More sun, more clouds, more mud. Caught Bluegrass and talked him into stopping for a beer at the McGrath’s Irish Pub at Sherburne Pass. On the way down the mountain, we had a brief moment of hail with the rain. The weather seemed to change every 10 minutes. Got to the door of the pub seconds before another downpour. Nice bar but expensive. Headed back to the trail with blue skies and sunshine only to get rain 30 minutes later. Ended up staying at the Tucker-Johnson shelter on the Long Trail with David, a weekender.