June 9, 1998

6/9/98 Windsor Furnace Shelter

6.2 miles (1198.4 total)

Had a very good breakfast at the 3C’s Restaurant with a fun waitress, at least for that early in the morning. Needed to hitch into Hamburg but no one picked me up in 30 minutes, so I walked the 3 miles into town for groceries. I had much better luck leaving the store with a lady picking me up almost immediately. By the time I had everything packed and ready to go it was noon and very hot.

The climb up out of Port Clinton was a lot safer than the climb down, long but lots of switchbacks. Once on the ridge, the hiking went quickly until I got nearer the Windsor Furnace shelter. The trail was poorly marked and very few signs. I actually passed the side trail to the shelter by about a 1/2 mile. A day hiker stopped to ask questions about thruhiking, told me I had passed the shelter. I made a paper sign for any future hikers. The Soulmates were going to call it a day too, but Longstride was going to the next shelter. I figure Longway missed the trail and kept going. The hot day had become overcast but it never rained.

Soulmates relax