June 8, 1998

6/8/98 Port Clinton, PA

23.3 miles (1192.2 total)

Definitely a cold night and a chilly start this morning. The plan was to hike to Eagle’s Nest shelter 14.4 miles away and decide if I could do another 8.9 to Port Clinton. Moved fast just to keep warm. Found a reroute that added at least another mile of more rocks. Caught up to Ghandi and Longstride before they’d left their campsite. I just don’t know how Ghandi will catch Smiley leaving so late in the morning. Longstride and I soon left him behind. The two of us made great time over the rocks.

It amazed me at the size of the ferns I walked through

At one point, where we had stopped for a snack break, a weasel ran nearby. I usually take short breaks, so I left Longstride there. The terrain was mostly level, just hopping from rock to rock. Decided to take the long approach trail to Eagle’s Nest shelter to use the privy. While reading the register, I nearly bust a gut laughing at a poem Piper had written this morning.

There is a girl upon the trail,
She is the subject of my tale.
Its short but you will find it neato
You ask her name - they call her Veto.

She is Don Veto’s only daughter,
He brought her up on gorp and water.
He taught her how to write and reado,
And then he said her name was Veto.

She’s strong as steel but also cuddly,
Her eyes are bright, her cheeks glow ruddy,
She tantalizes my libido,
The only girl for me is Veto.

But her only thoughts are set on Ghandi,
Enchants him with her magic wandie.
She wants to see him in a speedo,
And in her ear speak softly "Veto".

This is a rumor that I’ve started.
It is the truth, I swear cross-hearted.
I do not know where love will leado,
Blossom of Appalachia, VETO!

Copyright © Piper
(if you use this, you'll own him money
or he's going to be real mad!)

But it was still pretty early, so I decided to push on to Port Clinton, As the afternoon wore on, it got warmer. Besides the heat, it was a lot of easy ridgerunning. Until I got to the descent into town. The trail was at 45 degrees all the way down a loose dirt trail. I used my poles heavily just to slow my momentum and used the points to hold myself, One slip and it was a tumble all the way down. I just don’t know how people do it without poles. Again, I made excellent time, reaching Port Clinton by 4:30.

Followed the blue blazes across town to their pavilion, a large roofed building, open on the sides and with picnic tables. Some trail angel had left a cooler of beer and coke, life is good. But turns out there’s no place to eat dinner. 3C’s Restaurant only serves breakfast and lunch. And the Port Clinton Hotel is having their dining area remodeled. So we ordered Little Ceasers delivery while drinking beer. The pizzas were enormous and never tasted so good. Seems everyone made it here; Longstride, Longway, Piper, Ghandi, Koop and the Soulmates. Finally headed back to the pavilion for some much needed sleep.

Staying in the Port Clinton pavilion