June 6, 1998

6/6/98 Bleu Blaze Hostel

20.6 miles (1154.0 total)

The plan today was to hike the 17.6 miles to Rausch Gap shelter. If I was having a good day, I’d move on another 3 miles to the Bleu Blaze Hostel. That was because this shelter was so accessible. Often it was crowded with weekend partiers. (Ghandi later told me it was only him and one other hiker this night.) But again, we were blessed by sunshine and a fast trail.

The Rausch Gap shelter was interesting. Built in a depression with rock walls, tree table and a nice fire ring. But while I was there, several day-hikers happened by, plus 3 mountain bikers that had been riding the rails-to-trails route. Once we got off the old rail bed, it wasn’t a bad hike to the hostel.

Longway & Soulmates make themselves home

The Bleu Blaze Hostel is a converted garage with several bunks, toilet, shower, table and couch. Ann Tobias stopped me out on her driveway and asked me if I was lost. I sort of passed the hostel because there is no sign. Her granddaughter, Jan, ran to get me a cold coke that all the hikers get when arriving. Nice place. At dinner, they offered to run us into town to a new diner that had just opened. Spent way too much money on a veggie burger, fries and a soft ice cream cone. But I slept well with a full belly and a clean body.