June 5, 1998

6/5/98 Peters Mountain Shelter

11.5 miles (1133.4 total)

Didn’t have any rain but the trains ran constantly, as the tracks were less than 50 yards from our tents (behind some trees). Very hard to sleep with the extra morning train volume. Headed over to the truck stop for breakfast. The place even had phones in each booth, I guess to call home.

Did some last minute errands in town, all the while looking for more to eat. It’s funny, the trail takes a long way through town, down some nice streets, but bypasses the main street, which is kind of trashy. Could be a nice tourist place if it was cleaned up. One thing I did like was the women at the post office - gave me a lot of shit but laughed the whole time. Go figure, postal employees with a sense of humor.

Duncannon PA from across the Susquehanna River

Another beautiful day as we left around lunch time. Crossed a wide bridge across the Susquehanna River before heading back up to the ridgeline. Met Emily up on one of the views, using her binoculars, a gift from her husband, to look at the city down below. Found Piper, who’d left early, already at the Clarks Ferry shelter. He’s been trying to write and finds the towns difficult to sit down. After getting water, its farther up and follow more ridgeline. Because of the sunshine, and the fact that the brush along the trail wasn’t so high, the trail felt great.

But as always happens, the trail and weather change quickly. Before reaching the next shelter, it started to sprinkle, so I put on the pack cover. The Peters’ Mountain shelter is as big as a house, with loft and covered dinning area. The only drawback was water was halfway back down the mountain. Took Ron over 20 minutes to climb down and back. Nearby is the Earl Shaffer shelter, a small, very primitive wooden structure. But apparently not primitive enough for Earl because he refuses to let them name the shelter after him because it doesn’t have a dirt floor like all the early shelters.

It’s only Longstride, Longway, Emily and the Soulmates here tonight. The Brothers are off a few days for a wedding and the rest of the gang decided to stay another day in Duncannon.