June 30, 1998

6/30/98 Upper Goose Pond Cabin

15.8 miles (1525.7 total)

What a night! Or should I say a nightmare? Just like the register entries foretold, about 9pm, we started to hear the chewing noise. The shelter had a way of amplifying the noise to deafening proportions. I finally jumped out of the tent, fought off the mosquitoes just long enough to chase away the largest porcupine I’ve ever seen in my life. A couple of hours later we hear a different chewing noise. Directed our flashlights to the wall to discover porcupine jr. doing his best to reduce the shelter to toothpicks. A couple of hours later we hear the chipmunks playing with our food bags. All during this ordeal, we hear the constant rain. Finally, about 5am, EWOS and I are completely awake and we start to laugh hysterically. The sleep deprivation was getting to us.

The rain continued as we left the cursed shelter. The trail today wasn’t much up and down, just flat swamp and mud. We started to give ourselves a colorful sports commentary and play-by-play of the "men’s doubles swamp crossing championships". It really made the sloppy miles go by fast. But after 4 or 5 hours our imaginations lost steam, and we kept going in silence.

The rain gave way to the sun in the afternoon but the ground was still soaked. Even though we had a relatively short mileage day, we didn’t arrive at Upper Goose Pond Cabin until dinner-time. A boys’ group had commandeered most of the porch space while we tried to find a place of our own to dry our stuff out. Already there was Groovin’ Moose and Shade. The caretaker and his two sons just volunteered for a week. Too bad we didn’t have time for canoeing on the water.