June 2, 1998

6/2/98 Alec Kennedy Shelter

15.5 miles (1092.2 total)

Sneaked out of the hostel like a thief in the night. Not really sure why I left so early, about 6am (my earliest start). Maybe all the new faces were freaking me out.

It was a little cold last night and that continued this morning. I almost thought I needed gloves. The lake in the park looked fantastic with the mist coming off it. Again, other than a few rocks, the trail was pretty easy going. Made it to the next shelter before 9am.

Early morning mist coming off Fuller Lake

Halfway done, halfway there

Decided to go in for breakfast but went the wrong way on the road. So I gave up and hit the trail again, hoping to get ice cream at the store.

Once I got to the Green Mountain General Store, I was afraid I couldn’t eat a whole ½ gallon, so I had a milkshake instead. Did some journal writing. Once Not Yet and Emily got there and ordered their sandwiches, I got hungry. It struck me as I sat there with them and The Brothers, that I was the youngest there. Now that hasn’t happened before.

Well, one milkshake, a hogie, a pint of ice cream, a coke and some chips, and 2½ hours later it was time to waddle back to the trail. Piper and Smiley never showed up. The Brothers said they got a late start.

Taking an ice cream break with Emily (age 64),
The Brothers (59 & 61) and Not Yet (54)

The trail was really pretty good. The best part was Rocky Ridge where you had a lot of bouldering to do. Met up with some section hikers just before the shelter. Going to be a crowded shelter tonight.

Yep, up and over

It was so weird being in a shelter with 9 other people and I was the youngest. But finally, Smiley showed up around dinner time. Just before it started to rain. We had one of those afternoon thunderstorms. The kind where its raining but the sun is still shining. And who should show up completely soaked, Piper and Longway. We could squeeze Piper into the shelter but Longway had to tent.