June 28, 1998

6/28/98 Glen Brook Lean-to

12.2 miles (1491.6 total)

The morning was overcast and a little cool but the day had a lot of potential. EWOS and I headed into Salisbury for a little breakfast and some groceries. I think Salisbury has been the only town that is the small New England I had conjured up in my mind. Everything was close together, easy walking distance, and not too townsy. We bought groceries and deli sandwiches for lunch while waiting for the bakery, next door, to open. Had the greatest sticky buns in the world, straight out of the oven. They melted in our mouths. A very good start for the day.

By the time we left town, the sun was shining. Met a few weekenders at Riga Lean-to. What a great view of the valley. Actually, we kept meeting a lot of day hikers. On top of Bear Mountain, we sat on a rock tower and talked to a father whose son is going to thru-hike next year. Had a very steep, rocky descent towards Sages Ravine.

Hiking again with EWOS (Ed WithOut Sandi)

Once down, walking along the stream, I couldn’t believe how beautiful it was, the very essence of a mountain stream. Definitely a place I’d like to return. Ended up crossing the stream before the falls, reportedly a spectacular sight, the trail wound its way along the cliffs of Race Mountain. Took a much needed break at the base of Mount Everett even though the mosquitoes were getting to be a problem. The climb up, while relatively short, was almost vertical. Finally we ended up at Glenn Brook Lean-to.