June 24, 1998

6/24/98 Telephone Pioneers Shelter

16.2 miles (1422.6 total)

Had another fitful night battling the mosquitoes. Everyone decided to tent except Angel Fire and me. I had hoped for one of those snore-free nights - but NO! She tells me its the loudest she’s ever heard, even louder than Bjorn. Not the best way to impress a woman.

Was packed early so I could do the 5 miles quick to the deli. Said my good-byes. Lynx had to somehow get back to the Graymore Friary where he left his stove, pot, spoon, etc. And Angel Fire is probably only going to the next shelter. I’d like to see her again before Katahdin.

Had a few hills to climb this morning but not too bad. When I finally reached the Mountain Top Market, I was famished. First, I ate an egg-cheese-sausage sandwich, then a large cinnamon roll, then a sausage-pepper-onion hoagie, then a pint of ice cream and washed it all down with a coke. Boy, was it good! After the Apple Valley Inn in Glenwood, I think I’ve lost enough weight, 30 lb. is OK - I’m down to 155 lb. But I still have 2 months to go and I don’t think losing much more weight will be healthy. So I’m suspending my vegetarian eating because meat has lots of fat/protein in a compact source. After the hike, I’ll go back.

After breakfast - lunch at the deli, most of the day was rolling hills with many twists and turns. The few steep climbs I did have were short. Passed by Nuclear Lake - very beautiful but off limits for camping and swimming. The lake was contaminated in 1972 by the processing of low-level radioactive materials. The lake is "radioactive free" but still is being monitored.

The weather has begun to have a pattern: overcast in the morning, sunny during the day, then cloudy in late afternoon, then overcast in the evening. But, again. thank the goddess - no rain!

Sharing the shelter with 2 camp counselors out for the weekend, scouting for a trip they’ll have in a week or two. Sounds like a bunch of young teenage girls. She’s nice - from Pittsburg, he’s from Israel.