June 22, 1998

6/22/98 Graymoor Friary

7.2 miles (1387.7 total)

Well, I hung out on top of Bear Mountain, ate dinner and read some of my book. About 7pm, I decided it was time to find a secluded campsite off the trail. I didn’t really have to go far when I found an area of pines, not too many roots or rocks, and pine needles to fluff up my bed. I dumped my pack and was going to check out a little farther down the trail, when I see Bulldog. He was headed into Fort Montgomery for the night, so I asked if he wanted to split a room.

The park near the headquarters was overflowing with Sunday Father’s Day crowds. Bulldog and I definitely looked out of place walking along Hessian Lake. It was a long highway walk to Fort Montgomery, so we stopped at the first hotel we saw. The Old Oak Inn. Turns out the owner had just died and a lot of her family had just arrived to take over the place. They let us have a room for $30, the only one they had left. Nice little place, with a bar in the basement. Had a few beers, watching X-files with Frump and Ten Penny who were also staying here.

Slept pretty well despite the highway traffic and a noisy air conditioner. Walked 1/2 mile to the Bagel Cafe but it was worth it - very good food. After searching all over town for someplace to take a credit card, I gave up having lunch. Got my pack and headed back to Bear Mountain. Hopefully I’ll see Bulldog and Frump after they get back from New York. I owe Bulldog $5 for the room. Kind of an overcast day - hope it doesn’t rain.

A foggy morning, looking at the Bear Mountain Bridge
our way across the Hudson River

While getting my maildrop, in walks Lynx. And while I read my mail down by the lake, here comes Steve - also known as Bluegrass. It was great to see him again (its been since Hot Springs). He ended up contracting Hepatitis A somewhere in Virginia, and took some time off to recuperate. Plus, in my mail came my "new" boots. But I was reluctant to wear them so I packed them with the other gear. So Lynx and I headed back out on the trail, which went right through Bear Mountain Trailside Museum and Zoo (thru-hikers get in free!). The zoo houses injured animals that can’t be put back into the wild. The bears sure looked healthier out in the wild.

Lynx and I try to get a ride

Lynx headed out across the Bear Mountain Bridge that spans the ½ mile wide Hudson River, while I called home. By this time, the sun came out just in time to heat me up as I climb out of the Hudson River Valley. Met up with Lynx and we hiked an easy trail to the Graymore Friary.

Lynx up ahead

One of the brothers thought this place was about 400 acres. Seemed big to me. You could see this place was nice a long time ago. But for the hikers, we’re camped out on the baseball field, with water, picnic pavilion and a privy.