June 16, 1998

6/16/98 High Point Shelter

19.7 miles (1315.3 total)

Last nights rains were some of the hardest I’ve experienced. Thank God I was in a shelter and not camped somewhere, using the tarp. And it wasn’t just how hard but how long the rain fell. We had to cross a huge area of standing water just to reach the bear box 50 feet away. The trees continued to drip when the wind blew.

My plan was to do 20 miles, my 2nd day out of four 20+mile days. After yesterdays marathon dash, I wasn’t sure how I’d hold up. The most prevalent thing about the trail was water. Longway called it the Appalachian River Trail. I thought it interesting that New Jersey trails people seemed to incorporate every stream, creek, pond, lake and swamp into the trail A lot of areas you couldn’t go around, you just waded through. On the up-side, the sun did shine through the trees on occasion.

Started to see a lot more birch trees

My timing for this thru-hike has let me miss some of the legendary places on the trail, and today was no exception. Worthington’s Bakery, a stop-over for even Grandma Gatewood, was closed. Took a break at Glen Anderson shelter and was pleasantly surprised to find a toilet - no covered privy - just a toilet seat out in the open. Who’s complaining!

The day wore on with still more rocks, water and wet boots. At the Mashipacony shelter a bold chipmunk attempted to look for food while I was taking a snack break. Finally entered High Point State Park in the late afternoon, definitely exhausted. You could see the High Point Monument from the trail but I wasn’t interested in doing the 2 miles side trail. Found Not Yet already at the shelter.