June 15, 1998

6/15/98 Brink Road Shelter

24.7 miles (1295.6 total)

Mist, fog, drizzle, sprinkles, rain, thunder and lightning - that pretty much sums up today. I just pray that my water-logged boots hold up for a few more days. The new ones I ordered should be in Bear Mountain, NY by Friday. Going to do big miles so I can be there by Saturday morning. Today’s mileage is my biggest - 24.8. Hiked with Longway most of the morning. Both of us got lost on another trail for at least a ½ mile. Sunfish Pond, which is really a lake, was lined with blooming mountain laurel.

Passed Seeker around lunch, the caught Hooser Daddy about 2 miles from the shelter. Again, I was in one of those "haul ass" modes, and he couldn’t keep up. Made it to the shelter in 9 hours (for 25 miles) - blazing speed. Found Bulldog and his brother already at the shelter. Santiago is only out to hike a few days but he’s already miserable because of the weather. With Longway, that filled the small shelter with five of us. Longstride and Lynx must have stayed in town another day. And Seeker must have tarped; not something I would have liked to do in this rain. I was exhausted.