June 10, 1998

6/10/98 Allentown Hiking Club Shelter

17.9 miles (1216.3 total)

Another overcast morning, turns out most of the trail to the next shelter was forest road walk. If I had known that, I would have kept going yesterday. Got to the Eckville shelter and Longstride was still there. Its another garage converted to shelter with bunks. But the caretaker also has a fridge out on the porch stocked with sodas, candy bars and ice cream. I could have spent all afternoon (and all my money) there. But I reluctantly went on, just another climb out of the valley to get to another ridgeline.

Three rattlesnakes coiled in the rocks

It just started to rain as I reached the Allentown Hiking Club shelter. What a neat place, new shelter and solar privy, plus a tin full of goodies like spaghetti and peanut butter. The privy even had a mirror and a fake flush handle. Ron and Cheryl made it but Longstride decided to move on to the next shelter after another long break. A few kids showed up but didn’t seem to want to share the place with "adults" so they tented a ways off.