May 7, 1998

5/7/98 Bobblets Gap Shelter

13.5 miles (724.4 total)

This morning we were visited by Peggy, the infamous homeless woman who has been staying in the AT shelters, especially Fullhardt Knob shelter. Trail rumor was that forest service had visited yesterday and she tented somewhere else. She came by to pick up some stuff she’d left behind.

The damage from last winters storms was evident here
The forest looked like someone had taken a giant weed eater
and chopped all the trees off about 10' above the ground

Today’s word is RAIN. It rained early this morning and appeared to be a good day. But the clouds didn’t go anywhere, and the fog only got thicker. Visibility in some places was less than 10 feet. Lots of flowers along the trail plus rhododendron in bloom. More animals today - just a box turtle, a red eft (Smiley’s identification) and a frog. Came across a few more deer around the shelter.

Hard not to step on the 2" Red Eft because there were so many

We made great time today, reaching the shelter by 2pm. And guess who was in residence - Ghandi and Samson. I had told Smiley and Moondaddie we’d catch Ghandi. The problem with getting to the shelter too early is boredom. Since it never stopped raining for long, we were confined inside. I wrote in the journal and practiced my penny whistle but I really needed a book.