May 6, 1998

5/6/98 Fullhardt Knob Shelter

3.5 miles (710.9 total)

This morning after a quick breakfast at Waffle House, tried to hitch to Troutville post office with no luck. Went to the grocery store, found a Mother’s day card and new Spenco insoles. Got back to the motel and Longstride’s ex-girlfriend Carrie gave me a ride to the post office. She has been wonderful about chauffeuring all of us around while waiting for Longstride and Toolman to get to Troutville today.

After everyone left, Tex let me use her phone. Tex is a PT from San Antonio, here to like a few days with her thruhiking friends - Tortoise & Hare. It’s so nice to talk to a fellow therapist. I called Backwoods in Kansas City, about a new pack. Robbie was great about letting me call collect (although one of the new employees hung up on me). Decided on a Dana ArcLight pack at $340 - ouch! Should be in Waynesboro. Finally left Tex and Kadidle at the EconoLodge about 1pm.

Just follow the 'blue blaze' to home

As I got past the interstate, who do I see down the hill but Veto and Smiley. As we tried to cross a creek bridge several cows refused to let us pass, until Smiley tapped a few of them on the nose with his poles. A long steady climb, kind of hot and humid. The views have been getting fewer because of the leafing of the trees. In fact, the whole forest is getting green with our little brown trail snaking its way through. Here at the shelter with a few southbound section hikers - Pizzaz and Short Job - a couple of older gals just headed for Catawba. Moondaddie is also here with an old friend Kevin for a few days of hiking. Kind of chilly tonight after such a hot afternoon.