May 30, 1998

5/30/98 Devils Racecourse Shelter

18.0 miles (1033.6 total)

For some reason, the sun seemed to come out earlier today. A bunch of us were up and out by 7:30am. Too bad because I would have liked to talk with Hair Bear and his gang some more.

Early in the day we passed the first Washington Monument. Built in 1827, it was later used as a signal tower during the Civil War. The interesting thing was that it was built on the site of one of those large rock fields so they didn’t have to bring up the materials. Because it was Saturday, we saw lots of weekenders and boy scouts.

Washington Monument

Flowers a bloomin'

And once, the trail went right through someone's front yard

Smiley up ahead

Our 'Monty Python Shrine'

Most of the day was OK if not for the heat and the humidity. But as we neared the shelter trail, the trail decided to kick our butt. Lots of rocky, steep switchbacks. Smiley, Piper and I had to make frequent stops. And to top it off, the shelter is down about half back down the hill we just went up. Had some boy scouts that wanted to use the shelter but there wasn’t room for them all so they had to tent.