May 28, 1998

5/28/98 Harpers Ferry, WV

0 miles (998.5 total)

A very shitty day! Took one of the hostel’s bikes to head to Charles Town to get supplies - ended up taking an hour of hard, hot riding to get there. Smiley and Ghandi hitched and got there and back in an hour. Got all my boxes together and had to carry them 2-3 miles back to the post office. I just wasn’t having a good day.

"Do something crazy" she said

Never really had time to see much of Harpers Ferry except to go by the outfitters and get some frozen custard with Veto. Tried to rest this evening, eating another large pizza with Veto and watching "Gross Point Blank" on video. A lot of thruhikers came in that I hadn’t met before - The Brothers, Long Way, Groovin Moose, Tortoise & Hare just to name a few.

The boys saying goodbye to Veto

Veto’s staying in town tomorrow because her dad is coming in. Ghandi, Smiley and Piper are going to camp by the river tonight. I think I need another day off but I want to get out of Harpers Ferry. Was planning on leaving the next morning with Longstride and Samson but they decided to do some night hiking, leaving the hostel about midnight.